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This was the first episode following the death of Will Geer, and consequently Zeb "Grandpa" Walton was written out during this episode, with John explaining how empty the house feels without Grandpa and he comments just how much he misses his father. We see each of the other family members trying to come to terms, not only with Grandpa's sudden death, but also the death of Flossie Brimmer. Olivia is reminded of her good friend, Flossie, when she receives a present from Patsy Brimmer. It is her aunt's ring, which Patsy felt Flossie would like Olivia to have to remember her by.

John is also quite disheartened after he is offered a very big contract, but feels he needs to turn down because his business is just too small. He is quite angry and insulted at being called a two bit operator by the man offering the contract. John tries to think of a solution, and decides to try to band together with several other smaller operations, and take the contract this way. He heads down to the city to sign the deal but is unable to see Mr Sarver, who is quite obviously trying to avoid John. John decides to stay at a hotel to try and see Sarver later, and whilst there he realises just how much he misses his Liv, and rings her, asking her to join him. Olivia feels that she can't leave home right now though. Grandpa has just died and his birthday is coming up. She feels that Grandma needs her. Grandma gives her the message loudly and clearly though, when she puts down a suitcase in front of Olivia and says "Go!".

In the meantime, Erin has taken on a job in Charlottesville and she and Mary Ellen, decide to find a suitable apartment. Although Olivia and Grandma are unhappy about the girl's decision, Elizabeth is more than happy to finally have a room to herself. The two girls have pangs of homesickness though from their first night in the big city, finding things very quiet without their big family around. They head home after Erin quits her job when her boss arrives drunk on her doorstep, posing as her father.

Ben has run into trouble too. He is trying very hard to take Grandpa's place but things just seem to go wrong for him. In the end he gives up on the order his father had left him in charge of, until Grandma tells him to keep perservering. He goes back to the problem and does indeed finish the order.

Corabeth has yet another business venture in the back of the store, when she sets up a tea room and moves the billiard table out. Ike isn't very impressed though, and finally, after many ups and downs, she moves the billiard table back in and suggests a compromise. Ike is happy once again.

After being "fobbed off" by Mr Carver's secretary many times he finally arrives on the doorstep and demands to see him. Mr Carver is so impressed with John's initiative that he offers John a position, but they realise it will mean the family leaving the mountain. They decide that perhaps they will move to the city and leave Ben in charge of the mill, although Elizabeth is unhappy about moving too. Grandma has decided that she would like to spend Zeb's birthday at his grave and the whole family head up the mountain and plant seedlings around the gravesite. Each family member talks to Grandpa and John comes to the realisation that he cannot break away from his mountain home just yet because he feels Pa everywhere.

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  • NOTE 1: It is mentioned that Grandpa had died six months ago while planting seedlings. His grave stone says "Zebulon Walton 1865-1941".
  • NOTE 2: Who should pop up as Mary Ellen and Erin's landlady but Peggy Rea, who will return to Waltons Mountain as the girl's Cousin Rose in season 8.
  • NOTE 3: The character of Flossie Brimmer was written out because the actress playing her, Nora Marlowe, had also died during the summer hiatus.

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