Ben is working particularly hard at the mill and Cindy is left to her own devices quite a lot of the time, in the lead up to their baby being born. The problem is that Cindy feels that she is losing Ben's interest...they are not as lighthearted as they were in the first days of their marriage, and Cindy is feeling the she is not very attractive to Ben as her pregnancy moves along. Cindy thinks that a book Corabeth recommends to her may be the answer. It is called The Fastidious Wife, and Cindy follows the suggestions to the letter, even cleaning up the mill after Ben has been there. The only problem is that she ends up collapsing with exhaustion, putting her health and that of their baby at risk, resulting in her needing to stay in bed for a week. Ben confides to his father that he has been afraid that he might hurt Cindy if he does the wrong thing, but his father tells him that from Cindy's point of view, it would simply seem that Ben doesn't love her anymore.

Jeffrey and Serena bring home a cat, whom he calls Harold, hoping that his Uncle John will allow him to keep it. Rose discovers though that Harold is really a "she" and is about to have kittens. John agrees that the cat can stay but the kittens must be given away. Some of the kittens are given away, but they can't find anyone to take the last one (named Apollo). John decides that perhaps it will be alright to keep just one kitten.

Recurring Role

  • Joe Conley as Ike Godsey
  • Ronnie Claire Edwards as Corabeth Godsey

Guest Cast

Denise Latella as Sue Ann

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