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Verdie visits Olivia to talk to her about her son Jody, who has joined the navy and is being shipped off to war. She is very worried about him, and the prejudices that he might encounter. Her other son, Josh, whom she and Harley had adopted, comes to Jason's notice when Jason is practising the piano at the Dew Drop Inn and he hears someone playing a trumpet outside. It is Josh.

Jason asks him to come inside so they can play some more, but Josh is reluctant since it is a place for white people, not blacks. Josh is persuaded to though, and a musical partnership grows between the two boys. When Erin tells him that the Chairman of the Spring Festival wants Jason to audition to be selected to play at the Festival, Jason gets the idea that it would be a good chance for he and Josh to play together. He ends up approaching Verdie and Harley about it, but they think that the Festival is only for white folks. Jason is eventually able to persuade them to let Josh come, but they insist that Jason be responsible for seeing that Josh is not hurt in any way.

Both Aimee and Elizabeth are interested in a new boy at school, but Elizabeth gets tongue tied every time she goes to talk to him. She approaches Erin to find out the "secrets" on catching a boy, and during the goodnights we discover that Elizabeth thinks that George kissed her.

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