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One of the people of Waltons Mountain, Lutie Bascomb, has fallen on hard times. His wife has left him and he no longer trusts his daughter to be alone with boys. When Miss Hunter begins to teach the class about Darwin's theory of evolution, he does not believe that it is good for his daughter to learn this and so he arrives at the school, threatening Miss Hunter. After going on a drinking binge he decides to set fire to the school, but he collapses and is killed in the fire which burns down the school. The Sherriff finds his daughter at home and eventually Lois May is reunited with her mother, with help from Olivia.

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Lois May: He said that if I didn't leave when you taught us that stuff he'd give me a lickin'.

Miss. Hunter: What stuff?

Lois May: Athiesm.

Miss. Hunter: Now Lois May you know that's not what i'm teaching you.

Lois May: Yes you are. And my pa says you and the school house are going to burn in the fire.

Jason:John-Boy are you sweet on Lois May Bascomb ?

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