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Ike Godsey is the bearer of bad news during this episode, as he delivers a letter to Curt Willard informing him that he has been called up for active duty. Yancy Tucker is also preparing to join up and head off to fight, but before he goes he entrusts his animals to Ben, and marries Sissy. Needless to say this proposal was made on the spur of the moment, and he looks pleadingly around the church when Reverend Fox reaches the part of the ceremony about speaking now or forever holding your peace. No one did object! Yancy heads off to join the army, only to return fairly soon after. He has been rejected by them for having flat feet.

Erin also visits with G.W. whilst he is at home and the more she talks to him, the more she realises that he does not want to return to the camp and this leaves her feeling guilty that he may have joined up because of her.

Mary Ellen finds life very lonely without Curt and when John and Olivia suggest that she move back into the house with John Curtis until Curt returns. She asks them to mind the baby while she goes to visit Curt, but comes home early with the shocking news that G.W. has been killed in a training accident. Curt and John are left with the task of bringing G.W.'s body back to the mountain for burial. Erin refuses to go to the funeral and runs off to be by herself. John finds Erin and gives her a letter which G.W. had written her before he had died and he leaves his land to her, knowing that it will be in safe hands.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • G.W. stands for George William.
  • Last appearance of G.W. Haines


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