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John Boy has looked forward to starting College for a long time, and now the day is here. He leaves home with all the good wishes of his family, and then gives a lift to a pretty young freshman, Polly, who has missed her ride, but things definitely don't go well from then on. He parks his car in one of the parking spots reserved for faculty members, and comes back later to find that it has been towed away. As he is a freshman, and a young man who definitely stands out as being a country boy, he becomes the target for many practical jokes by some of the upper classmen, led by Paxton. Finally, when he goes to complete his enrolment, he discovers that he has left his registration certificate at home and he must ring Ike to ask John Walton to drive down to the College with it, before a certain time. All in all he finds that College is really nothing like he thought it would be, with many of the older class members being rude, snobbish and immature.

At home Jason is trying to fill the "big brother" role in the same way that John Boy had been doing for all those years, but he finds that the other children aren't making it easy for him. Miss Hunter realises that he is trying to fill John Boy's shoes, but makes him realise that just being himself is far more worthwhile otherwise that very special person, Jason, will get lost.

Recurring Role

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  • NOTE 1: The character of Paxton, the instigator of many of the practical jokes played on John Boy, returns in The Obstacle in Season 7.
  • NOTE 2: We are told that it is September of 1934.


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