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The Recap

John-Boy is preparing to publish the first edition of his newspaper, the Blue Ridge Chronicle. Whilst in town asking the Sheriff for a really good headline for the front page, he sees a spectacular car accident. A judge who is facing re-election has his car out of control, and he crashes into the front of a shop. John-Boy suspects that the reason the Mayor crashed was because he had been drinking and he plans to publish this in his newspaper. He maintains that the public have a right to know the truth, especially as the judge is up for re-election. His family, however, believes publishing this story will hurt his good name and reputation and are against John-Boy publishing it. Tensions between the family members mount when John-Boy covers another story, this time regarding a criminal matter involving four teenaged boys, one of whom is his brother Ben. John-Boy claims that the story is newsworthy and should be reported, however his mother believes that the good name of the Walton family should not be plastered over the front page of the paper! John-Boy is torn between doing what is right as a newspaper publisher and editor, and doing what is right for all the people involved.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: Richard Thomas, as John Boy, is seen using a walking stick during this episode and a couple of others. In the show it was explained that he had a mishap whilst riding on Ike's motorcycle.
  • NOTE 2: I think that Michael McDonough may be an older brother of Mary (Erin Walton) McDonough.


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