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When the newspaper, where John Boy works as a stringer, is closing down, his boss offers to sell him an old printing press so that he might start his own country newspaper. John Boy has to take a full time job in order to earn the down payment for the press, at the same time trying to juggle school and his other commitments. He eventually finds that he has very little time left to even sleep, so he moves into a boarding house near the college. He also feels that he is being pressured by his professor at Boatwright University, who keeps reminding him that he is meant to be working on his novel. His job at the bus depot ends suddenly and he finds himself with only half of the money he needs for his down payment, so he disappointedly leaves the boarding house and returns home. At home, however, he finds that his professor at college has already made the down payment on his behalf and the printing press has already been delivered to his home and is waiting for John Boy to write, edit, publish and print his first edition of the Blue Ridge Chronicle.

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