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Jim Bob meets a kindred spirit when he meets a 16 year old runaway, Joe Douglas. Joe has similar dreams and ambitions as Jim Bob and shares his passion for flying. He tells John that his father has gone to join up and that he is all alone. John doesn't quite believe him, but invites him to stay for a few days. Joe is trying to dodge a man who is looking for him though, and gradually persuades Jim Bob to run away with him. When John realises what is happening he demands that Jim Bob tell him the truth.

The fact is that Joe has a young sister who has been placed in foster care nearby, waiting to be adopted into a good home. He, on the other hand, has run away from the orphanage. Sheriff Ep Bridges wife Sarah, has been considering asking Ep if he would like to start a family, but Ep is not keen given that he already has a grown up family. She has come to know Joe though, and urges Ep to consider the possibility that they could have the two children visit during the weekends, with a view to eventually adopting the pair.

During this episode Elizabeth confides to Grandpa, when the two of them are looking at Myrtle the pregnant goat, that she particularly misses Grandma. When she finds Myrtle is missing she eventually tracks the goat down to Maude Gormley's place. Maude insists that Myrtle stay with her for a while, but tells Elizabeth to visit any time. During these visits Maude tells Elizabeth all about her life as a young girl.

Myrtle gives birth to "Gingerbread" and after some time, Maude returns the two goats to the Walton home, telling Elizabeth that they are too much to handle. She also confesses to Elizabeth that the reason she was keeping the goats, was to get Elizabeth to come and visit her. In response to this, Elizabeth says that Maude can be her second grandma and that she will find time to visit her.

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