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The Walton family take an eight year old orphan, Stevie, into their home for a taste of family life. Stevie turns out to be a very bitter and unhappy little boy though. Curtis and Ann Norton make a return appearance in this episode, and Ann tells Olivia that they cannot have children, a real blow to them because Curtis had always wanted a family. Young Stevie, however, becomes good friends with Curtis after they get to know each other when Stevie runs away from the Waltons. Ann, however, thinks that people are all pushing for her to adopt Stevie and she refuses to get to know him, but just as Stevie is leaving to return to the orphanage, she comes to her senses and realises just how much more fulfilling life has been for her and Curtis since Stevie has been around. They decide to adopt him.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE: Ann and Curtis Norrton appeared in the season 1 episode "The Bicycle", but in that episode Curtis was played by Ned Beatty.
  • LOOK FOR: Victor French, who went on to join Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie, as Mr Edwards, then teamed up with Landon again in Highway to Heaven as Mark Gordon, Jonathon's earthling partner.
  • LOOK FOR: Joh Boy telling Ann:


"Love is not like money you keep in a bank. Take it out sometime later. You've got to give it when you can."

Stevie: I don't wanna play no damn game!

Olivia: Stevie, when we said we would treat you as one of the family we meant it - say that word again and I'll do what I'd do to Elizabeth or Jim-Bob. Take you over my knee!

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