Opening Journal Quote

"There were many homecomings in my life but the one I remember best followed a long spell in the hospital during World War Two. A visit home would be the final step in my recovery, and I looked forward to the comfort of those familiar surroundings. I never dreamed that I would bring the war with me, and that it would haunt me, even on Waltons Mountain".


John-Boy is still troubled by the memory of the plane crash, but cannot remember what happened when the plane came down in the sea. It's not until Jim Bob shows him a model warplane he's just made that his mind is jolted and he recalls the drowning of his friend Stewart the co-pilot, and learns to live with the agony of the past.

Meanwhile, Ike receives a government letter telling him he's being drafted, but ignores the letter, believing it was a mistake. Shortly after, an FBI agent comes to arrest him. John Walton lends a helping hand when Ike it taken away to be interrogated. When his file is found, it is discovered that his date of birth has been wrongly entered - according to the file he is only 20 years old. The mistake is corrected and Ike returns home.

Ending Journal Quote

"I had come home to plant a part of my pass that was missing. There was an ache in my heart for my friend Stewart, but I had finally confronted the past, and accepted its cruelty".


  • While at the army draft office, Ike Godsey's full name is revealed to be "Isaac Aloysius Godsey". But in the episode The Celebration, Ike confirms when, asked by banker J.J. Brendamore, that his full name is "Isaac B. Godsey".

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