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The Dean at Boatwright University, concerned about John-Boy's physics grade, has asked that he be tutored by a 16 year old genius, with a photographic memory. In exchange he asks that John-Boy try to help him by taking him home for the weekend. The genius, Lyle Thomason, has never experienced family life and has absolutely no idea of how to interact with other people, nor how to have fun. He takes a shine to Mary Ellen who he feels is very intelligent, but he doesn't know how to talk to her without sprouting out facts and figures. He further insults the family when he claims that he doesn't go to church because gods are "superstitious beliefs" made up by "primitive societies". Needless to say this does not go down well with the Walton family!

The Waltons are in the midst of preparing for a church bazaar which is being set up to help raise money for one of their neighbours, who are having difficulties at present. Again, Lyle has no understanding of their motives. As part of the bazaar, Erin has written a play based on Joan of Arc and Jason is also in it. He pulls out at the last minute though and just as the play is about to be canceled, John-Boy persuades Lyle to fill the gap. At the end the family finds that Lyle is much more personable than they first thought, and even finds that he has a great sense of humour.

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