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Opening Journal Quote

Living on Waltons Mountain, we were always in touch with the motion of life. Growth and change, loss and gain were natural and expected. We saw the green leaves turn to gold and then fall to the ground, crumpled and grey. But, all of us knew that when spring came again life would renew itself. But, one summer we were faced with an unexpected kind of change that made us all wonder if the future was really a thing to look forward to.


Jason's best friend, Seth Turner, longs for nothing more than to be able to play in his father's band. To pass the time until his father returns, he suggests that Jason and he go and find some wood to make a recorder. Seth collapses up on the mountain though and he is diagnosed with leukemia, given only one year. Jason finds it hard to accept this and simply will not talk to his friend. Seth's mother wants to wrap him up in cotton wool and protect him as much as she can, so that she can keep him alive longer. When Red comes home though, although shocked and distressed, he realizes that Seth deserves to live the best life he can for as long as he can and arranges for Seth to accompany him on his next tour. Seth finishes making the recorder and asks John Boy to give it to Jason. It is Grandpa though, who goes to speak with Jason and helps him to accept his friends illness and coming death. Jason sees Seth and is able to learn to play the recorder before Seth leaves with his father.

Ending Journal Quote

As time went on there were other occasions that necessitated our grieving, and I often think that this early brush with total loss made us better able to face those which were to come after.


  • Jason plays "Beautiful Dreamer" on his recorder.
  • John: You're getting to sound real good, Jason.
  • Jason: Thank you, Daddy. Goodnight, Daddy, goodnight, Mama.
  • Olivia: Goodnight, Jason.
  • Erin: It sounds like Waltons Mountain would sound if it could sing. Goodnight, Jason.
  • Jason: Goodnight, Erin. Goodnight, Grandpa.
  • Grandpa: Goodnight, Jason. You're a good boy.


  • NOTE: Red and Wilma return in an episode in season 5
  • Jason says he and Seth are the same age. In reality, Jon Walmsley, who played Jason, is two years younger than Ron Howard, who played Seth.

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