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John Boy is getting frustrated because he is nearing the end of his novel, yet cannot find the time or the peace and quiet to finish it. He and Ben have a falling out about working time at the newspaper and Ben declares that he can get a job any time he wants. When John Boy tells him to do just that, he approaches his girlfriends father who employs him as a car salesman. He seems to do very well in this job, however his family question his high pressure selling techniques. Jim Bob in particular is disapproving when Ben sells Mrs Brimmer a car which needs work and she cannot afford to get the work done. Fortunately Ben's conscience comes to the party, and he retires from his sales career! In this episode, Sarah, whom we met in The Hero, arrives back in Waltons Mountain in hope that she might get Ep Bridges to marry her. Olivia does her best to try to get them together, and she enlists John's help as well, although he is reluctant to interfere.

Recurring Role

  • Joe Conley as Ike Godsey
  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges

Guest Cast



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