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With Mary Ellen's baby due soon, everyone on Waltons Mountain is becoming very excited. The Baldwin sisters are planning a baby shower, Elizabeth is choosing names, and Ben and Ike are holding a betting ring to guess when the baby will arrive.

Mary Ellen is insisting that she would like to have the baby at home, but Curt and Olivia believe she would be better off in the hospital. She does have John and Grandpa backing her up though. Shortly after, she goes to help deliver a baby for a woman named Cassie Hineman, but the baby is stillborn and Cassie is unable to understand or accept any of the explanations that either Mary Ellen, and later Curt, give her. Cassie tells Mary Ellen of several superstitions which she believes caused her baby to die, and Mary Ellen is quite spooked by the whole thing. She is further disturbed when Mrs Brimmer starts to read tea leaves at the Baldwin's baby shower, when she suddenly stops and tells her audience that nothing was revealed.

Mary Ellen soon goes into labour, at home, and after a very difficult labour, her son John Curtis Willard, is born. What she doesn't know though, is that Cassie has been outside watching, and is making plans to kidnap John Curtis.

Unfortunately, young John Curtis is missing from his crib and Curt believes that Cassie may have taken him. John, Curt and Olivia head to her house and arrive there to find Cassie singing to him. After a long confusion, Olivia is gradually able to convince Cassie to return him.

The sub plot to this two part episode is Jason needing to find another job to earn money. He finally finds one, playing piano for a vaudeville act between two movies. What he hasn't realised though, is that the dancer in the show is actually a stripper. Needless to say, he is in no hurry to tell his mother about his job, but word gets out soon after, when Grandpa, Ben, Jim Bob and Yancy Tucker go to see Jason at his new job. The rest of the family wants to go and see Jason at his new job, but he has to tell them that it's really not appropriate. Needless to say, Olivia has plenty to say to Jason. Fortunately this job leads to another job for Jason, when he is asked to accompany the Old Dominion Gospel Singers, a job that Olivia and Esther would no doubt approve of wholeheartedly.

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  • It is discussed that Charlottesville is 28 miles away from Waltons Mountain.


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