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A band of gypsies are travelling through Waltons Mountain when they become stranded because stormy weather has damaged the roof of their caravan and a wheel has fallen off. They break into the empty Baldwin house to try to shelter from the storm. The Baldwins have asked John Boy and Jason Walton to watch over their house while they are away, and when they discover the gypsies at the house, they go to call the sheriff. Matt Beckwith, a newer resident of Waltons Mountain, does not trust gypsies though, and tries to make trouble for them. After being told they are trespassing and given that their baby is sick, John Boy invites them to camp out on Walton land.

The Waltons try to be friendly with the gypsies but they are proud and their attitude is "We ask for nothing, we take nothing", and this includes Grandma's offer of help to nurse the baby. When the baby does become worse though, and almost stops breathing, Grandma is able to help him recover, and gradually the gypsy family comes to trust the Waltons, and a friendship does form between them.

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