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Before she became ill Grandma Walton had suggested to John Boy that he publish the first commemorative Blue Ridge Chronicle to mark the day the Jefferson County Doughboys returned from the war. As he does some research for his article and for the Honour Day which he is helping to organise, he discovers that their own Sherrif, Ep Bridges, was honoured with several awards following his war service. Ep however, has preferred to lock his medals away and not draw attention to them because to him they are a reminder of the killing and the lives lost during the war. He did not see himself as a hero at all. During John Boy's research he meets someone who was an ambulance driver in the war and who was Ep's first love. This lady, Sarah Griffith, arrives at Waltons Mountain to renew her acquaintance with Ep and befriends the Walton family, especially Jim Bob who is fascinated by a lady who knows about cars. The Honour Day ceremony takes place at the soldier memorial cemetery and we learn that Zeb and Esther's son Ben, went to fight the war in France and never returned. A cross is erected in his honour, and young Ben makes a special memorial for his namesake. An interesting note is that one of the crosses in the cemetery contains the name of Harry Harris, one of the directors of the series.

Recurring Role

  • Joe Conley as Ike Godsey
  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges

Guest Cast


NOTE: The character of Sarah Griffith returns to marry Ep. Bridges in "The Go Getter".


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