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The niece of the Baldwin sisters, Hilary Baldwin Von Kleist, arrives at Waltons Mountain to stay with the Baldwins. She is an American citizen who married a German. Several receptions and meetings are held in her honour, which the Waltons attend, but John Boy is frustrated by her lack of comment regarding the way Hitler is handling things in Germany. He claims that an insider would be able to tell the people of Waltons Mountain how things really are over there, and if the possibility of war is a real one. Hilary, however, appears to be blocking something from her mind, and John Boy's questions bring her memories which she does not want to face. Things come to a head when she arrives at the Walton home for dinner one evening and Jason is there playing the piano in his national guard uniform. He had joined the national guards against Olivia's wishes, for the pay, and also so that he can be prepared to fight should he need to. One look at Jason and Hilary faints. We are told that she was reminded of her own son who had been recently killed by German soldiers, and it was this that she was running away from and blocking out.

Hilary then returns to Germany with her husband, Ernst Von Kleist.

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