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Olivia seems to be overworked and in need of a holiday, so, after 19 years of marriage, John schemes to take her on a belated honeymoon. Plans seem to be shortlived, however, when the mill engine requires repairing, and they spend their money on that. All of the children contribute to a "honeymoon fund" though and Grandpa sells a rare coin and this enables the honeymoon to be back on again. Once John and Olivia leave though, things again go wrong at the Walton house and instead of the romantic and comfortable hotel room John and Olivia were imagining, they find themselves sleeping in the truck after it breaks down.

Other things happen at home too. A skunk gets into the house and the family needs to spend the night in the barn, Esther is called away suddenly, Erin and Elizabeth get colds and John Boy falls down a cliff after an argument with Marcia and injures his shoulder. When John and Olivia ring Ike's store to find out how everything is going at home, Ike tells them truthfully all of the things which have happened since they had left. They decide to return home immediately instead of continuing on with their honeymoon plans.

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