Elizabeth meets Hazel, the new school teacher, as soon as she hops off the bus in front of Ike's store. The two find that they have much in common and quickly become firm friends, with Hazel sharing her many adventures with Elizabeth, and her love for teaching. The one thing that she does keep from Elizabeth, however, is that she has a brain tumour and little time left to live. After Mary Ellen discovers what is wrong with her she urges Hazel to tell Elizabeth, and when the time is right she does. Elizabeth is distraught. Jason tries to help Elizabeth to realise that she should treasure every moment that she has left with Hazel, rather than be afraid and angry that she will be going away. He shares with her, the feelings he had when his friend Seth died (Season Two). He points out that Hazel has shared many of her experiences with Elizabeth, leaving as her legacy to the younger girl her love of travel, art and teaching. John Walton also helps Elizabeth to realise that she should be enjoying Hazel's company while she can, rather than mourning her before she has died.

Hazel's teaching methods come into question during this episode too. She is a progressive teacher who thinks that children have a right to know correct facts, and when she hears Serena, Jeffrey and Lauren discussing where babies come from, she tells them they are wrong and sets out to teach them about childbirth. Corabeth is aghast at the proposal, but Hazel says that although she believes that the place to teach the facts of life is in the family home, many of the children simply get no information, or misinformation.

The childbirth explanation is brought about because Cindy is getting near the time of her delivery. Ben, however, is becoming quite scared about the prospect of fatherhood, and all the responsibilities which go along with it, and disappears to the Dew Drop Inn to drown his sorrows. Meanwhile, Cindy goes into labour and has to ask John to take her to the hospital where she has their daughter. Ben arrives at the hospital the next morning after sleeping in his truck, apologises profusely to Cindy and falls in love with their new baby daughter, Virginia


Guest Cast

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