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Racial intolerance raises it head in several forms on Waltons Mountain during this episode. Ike is displaying his Roll of Honor for the Waltons Mountain community men who are serving in the war. Verdie Grant Foster notices that the names of the black men or "coloreds" as they were known, are separate from those of the white men. Verdie is a little concerned too, to find that her letter to her daughter has been returned and is stamped "address unknown". Olivia is about to join the other white women who are rolling bandages, and she suggests that Verdie could get the colored women together to form their own group for the war effort. Erin and Jason actually run into Esther walking home to Verdie's and Verdie is astounded to hear her say that she is home to stay. She apparently had been a very successful business woman.

There is a lot of talk about J.D. Pickett changing his plant into a defence plant and many people are trying to get jobs there. Erin has been employed there, but she finds conditions there very difficult. Erin thinks that Esther Grant would be a perfect person to work there, employing the right people for the right job. It comes out though, that Esther has had some difficult times with white people refusing to put her into a position where she could hire and fire white people, even though she was quite qualified and brilliant at her work. Finally Erin and Esther persuade Pickett to give her a go. Verdie also makes her view known to Ike when she announces that he should put her son's name in the right spot, or else take it off the Honour Roll altogether!

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