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John-Boy enters, and wins a newspaper contest. The prize is that he gets an all expense paid trip to cover an important story, which will then be published in a newspaper. His assignment is to cover the landing of the Hindenburg, a German airship, and to interview a German immigrant from the airship. As the airship is landing though, it bursts into flames and he, along with the other onlookers, try desperately to rescue as many people as they can. John Boy is so affected by the experience that he arrives home and discovers that the words for his newspaper story simply won't come. Meanwhile Curt is finding that he is being stifled by Mary Ellen's family. He wants to be able to spend some time alone with her, but every time he turns around he feels that he has to share her with another Walton. Fortunately for the young couple, Olivia and John went through a similar experience when they were newly weds, and Olivia shares their secret with Curt and Mary Ellen.

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