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Olivia and Cindy are angry when they discover that J.D. Pickett has many women working for him who have nowhere to leave their children, and the children are left unsupervised and to their own devices all day. She confronts J.D. Pickett to find out what he intends to do about them, but he says they're not his concern. Olivia decides to start a day care centre at home, but there are problems there too, when one of the children gets into the mill and turns on the saw, before John comes in and puts his foot down. Unfortunately she finds that there is simply nowhere in the town where she can set up her creche for the children.

When Erin rings Olivia to tell her that J.D. has set up a tavern for his workers relaxation, she is less than impressed, and heads down there to confront him about his decision to set up the tavern rather than a child care centre. Finally, Olivia, the children and their parents all head to the tavern and take over it, saying they will only leave or return to work when something is done to accommodate the children. J.D. realises that he has been beaten and gives in: the tavern can become a child care centre during the day.

Meanwhile Ike is preparing a special surprise anniversary dinner and evening for he and Corabeth, and has asked Rose to teach him how to dance. Corabeth reads the signals all wrong though, and suspects that Ike is having an affair with another woman. She becomes very jealous. When Ike arrives home from his last dancing lesson he finds Corabeth packing to leave him. He asks he to tell Aimee though, and when she finds Aimee, she is with Elizabeth preparing the anniversary dinner, and she is greeted with a chorus of "Happy Anniversary" and a candle lit dinner for two.

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  • NOTE 1: Rose mentions Mr Perkins, an old beau and a travelling salesman, who enjoyed dancing, to Ike as she is helping him to learn to dance. Mr Perkins will be introduced later in this season.
  • NOTE 2: Tony LaTorre went on to play Harvey Lacey Junior, the son of Mary Beth Lacey (Tyne Daly), in the eighties series of Cagney and Lacey.

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