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Olivia is becoming increasingly frustrated that they have not had any word about John Boy, who is missing in action. She and John contact the Red Cross in the hope that they can help look for him, or at least find out some information about him. By the end of the episode we discover that John Boy had been an observer on a bombing mission and his plane was hit over Belguim. From there, they have been unable to locate him.

John and Olivia are approached by John Boy's publisher, who tells them that the publishing house has received a manuscript for John Boy's next book, but they need permission from his next of kin to publish it. Olivia becomes very upset, feeling that they are saying John Boy is definitely dead, and that is something she does not want to admit at this stage. After some deliberation John and Olivia decide they will sign to have the book published, however further discussion occurs when they fear that the book might be promoted as being written by a missing in action soldier and so they reverse their decision. Finally the publisher sends them a letter plus the manuscript, and after reading some of it, they decide that the world does indeed need to know about John Boy's experiences.

Jeffrey is also concerned about the health of Reckless, the Walton dog. Although Ben assures him that Reckless will be fine, he isn't and eventually dies. Ben then has to cope with Jeffrey's anger toward Ben at having been told that the dog will be OK. Ben realises that he has a lot to learn about parenting.

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