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Maggie McKenzie knows that she has a bad heart which will soon take her life, but she wants to return, just once more, to the place where she and her husband began their life together in America, after arriving from Scotland. She is too ill to drive to the coast so she asks John Boy to take her there, knowing that he is the best hope she has of being able to go. He already has tentative plans with Marcia Woolery though and wishes to take her to a dance. He has even bought new trousers for the occasion. The Doctor has also told Maggie that she must not go and that she should rest, and John Boy feels that she should really abide by the Doctor's wishes. Maggie, however, seems so set on going that he thinks it would be bettter if he took her, rather than have her try to drive herself. He ends up taking her to the coast and both of them have a most memorable day there. She has a heart attack on the way home and dies very soon after, but is a very happy and grateful woman.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • This episode was nominated for an Emmy for direction. The director was Harry Harris. Although he missed winning the Emmy, he was awarded the Directors Guild of America Awards for the Best Direction in a Dramatic Series.
  • LOOK FOR: Earl Hamner in his only appearance in the series. He plays the part of Maggie McKenzie's husband, Michael, in the flashback scenes at the restaurant.
  • LOOK FOR: the old photographs which Maggie shows John Boy. These photos are Earl's own family photos.


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