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Olivia's cousin, Rose Burton, comes to stay with the Walton's, bringing with her two young grandchildren. Rose takes over Grandma's room whilst, we are told, Grandma is off visiting other cousins. Serena stays in Erin and Elizabeth's room and Jeffrey shares Jim Bob's. The pair quickly get into all sorts of mischief, with Jeffrey deliberately doing silly things such as mowing down Olivia's flowers, and Serena stealing all manner of things. Rose speaks to the children, telling them that they are on their last chance here and they should try to behave better, and John's solution is to give them plenty of chores so that they haven't got time to get into trouble.

The family gradually realise that the children have real problems. Erin discovers Serena has been stealing and welts are discovered on Jeffrey's back after he takes his shirt off to try to put out a fire that he caused. Rose finally admits to them that her son, the children's father, would hit Jeffrey when he became drunk, and she took them away before he could do any further harm to them. Naturally, being The Waltons, there was no question that either Rose or the children would be sent away, and the family moved in permanently.

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