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An outsider comes to the county to contest Ep Bridge's re-election as sheriff, and Ep feels that compared to the new comer he comes off badly and will lose the job he has had for fifteen years. Ep comments that his opponent is flashy, and a real ladies man, and that many of the townsfolk are so dazzled by him that they forget that Ep has served them faithfully and well during his time as sheriff. John Boy is drawn into the election when he interviews both men for his newspaper. His favorable interview with Ep's opponent has them send some advertising his way, as well as having them supply a big contract for his father. They believe that John Boy is "on their side" until it is revealed that this election is only to be used as a stepping stone into the senate. Meanwhile, Grandpa is drawn into a battle of his own when a wild mustang is captured and kept penned up. He claims that the horse has always run wild on Walton land and was chased off the land so that it could be captured. The merchant holding the horse intends to use it for advertising purposes. As soon as the horse escapes the Waltons brand it to prove their ownership of him, and they allow him to run free for as long as he lives.

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