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Erin sets off to help the Baldwin ladies write their memoirs. The sisters are discussing how much space should be devoted to Ashley Longworth. While Erin is walking to their home she is splashed with mud by a passing car, the driver of which hops out to apologise. He tells her that he is heading to the Baldwin home, then introduces himself as Ashley Longworth. Miss Mamie claims that he is the image of his father, and Miss Emily simply faints, believing him to be the much loved Ashley Longworth, who courted her so long ago.

Miss Emily continues to think that Ashley Jr is really her suitor and begins wearing her hair and clothing, as if she were a young girl again. In the meantime though, Ashley Longworth Jr. becomes interested in Erin and the two plan to see each other. It is complicated by the fact that Miss Emily refuses to believe that this Ashley here is not the same one as she loved so long ago.

John finally contacts Olivia when he becomes concerned about both Erin and Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been fretting about her looks and wonders whether she should begin wearing a bra, while Erin is upset after Ashley fails to arrive for a date. The truth is that his car is stuck in the mud after he and Miss Emily took a short cut! Fortunately Elizabeth's worries are alleviated when John arrives home from visiting Olivia, with a very pretty camisole for her.

Ashley arrive first thing the next morning to explain everything to Erin and while they take a walk they are spotted by Miss Emily, who arrives at her and Ashley's secret place to find Ashley Jr. and Erin kissing. Naturally she is very shocked and upset. The pair try to explain it all to Miss Emily and Ashley tells her that she was his father's first love, and gives her a letter that his father wrote to her before he died.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: The story idea for this episode was by Michael Learned.
  • NOTE 2: We learn that Ashley Longworth Senior was in the diplomatic corps.
  • NOTE 3: We see Jonathon Frakes again as Ashley Longworth Junior in other episodes of The Waltons. He would go on to become very well known for his Star Trek movies, in which he played the part of Commander William T. Riker

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