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John Walton is thrilled when he receives his first telegram, from an old army friend called Tip Harrison, who arrives on the Mountain for a visit. He comes full of stories and memories of how things were during the old days. However he is still living in the past, while John has got on with his life. Tip is also very irresponsible and finds it difficult to take responsibility for his actions.

He drinks too much, and is quite careless about his cigarette butts. Jason is tending a fire for his father, which he puts out properly, but because a fire flares in the vicinity of Jason's fire, he takes the blame for it. It was, in fact, Tip's cigarette butt that caused the second fire, but he is too cowardly to say so. He also goes up on the mountain with John and John Boy, who are trying to track down the fox who has been after Olivia's chickens. He accidentally shoots Reckless, the Walton family dog, and just leaves him for dead, telling John and John Boy that they should just head home and Reckless will follow. Fortunately his conscience finally gets the better of him and he ends up telling John the truth, both about Reckless and the fire, and they find Reckless on the mountain before he dies. John, however, finds it very hard to believe that his great friend would let his Jason take the blame for something that Tip did.

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