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With Grandma being in hospital for so long the Walton family are troubled by finances, and loneliness. Grandpa, especially, becomes very lonely, depressed and withdrawn at having to be away from his wife of so many years. He is led to believe that he will be able to bring his wife home, yet when he arrives at the hospital he discovers this is not so. He very loudly expresses his disapproval at the hospital of the hospital and its staff and is subsequently barred from coming back again, because Esther needs peace and quiet in order to recover. Meanwhile Aimee Godsey turns to him for help when she is barred from playing with Elizabeth because Corabeth sees Elizabeth as an unladylike influence on Aimee. Aimee feels that Corabeth is trying to turn her into a lady because she doesn't accept or like Aimee for what she is. All Aimee wants is to be allowed to be a little girl and just like everyone else.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


NOTE: We don't see Grandma in this episode. It was at this time that Ellen Corby suffered her stroke and was written out of the series temporarily.


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