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Ashley Longworth Junior, Erin's beau, arrives unexpectedly at the Walton home very early one morning. He proposes to her and she immediately says yes. With Olivia and John wondering where Erin is, Elizabeth and Serena let it slip that she left with Ashley early in the morning, and her parents become angry and set out to find the pair. They are located at the Baldwin home, where they are told that the couple want to get married. Olivia invites Ashley to have supper with the family so they can get to know him better.

At the table John asks Ashley to say grace, leaving Ashley speechless and he leaves the table abruptly. He tells Erin that he no longer believes in God, nor does he want anything to do with the church any more. It comes out during the episode that with the things Ashley has seen and done during the war, he longer believes that there is a God, something which John actually understands, but he tells Ashley that God is not to blame for all that is going on. "God is Love", John tells him. Although his wedding to Erin is off for the moment, the possibility is there that it may be back on in the future.

Serena and Elizabeth are having their problems too. Elizabeth is sensitive to the fact that she is no longer a child and she wants Serena to give her some time alone, however Serena wants to tag along, because she thinks it's wonderful to have an older "sister" around. The two end up apologising to each other, and agreeing to do things together as well as giving each other some space.

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