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Olivia is very nervy and upset and seems to be wanting to go back to the time when she was a young girl. After she gets snappy and irritable with everyone at home, she decides to go to visit her Aunt Kate in Alberene, where she grew up. She arrives at Aunt Kate's with a suitcase and when the two joke about its contents, it becomes apparent to Aunt Kate, that Olivia has run away from home.

After talking with Olivia, they come to realise that Olivia is going through menopause, and having a difficult time with it, especially since she doesn't like the fact that it makes her feel as if she's getting old. A trip to the Doctor rules out other possibilities, but Olivia still finds the truth a bit hard to take.

With the family worried about Olivia, and a bad storm arriving, Jason goes to collect his mother to bring her home again.

During this episode Jim Bob tries to get both parents to sign a form in order to allow him to get a job even though he is underage. John is willing to sign his form, and indeed does, but Olivia does not. To get around this, Jim Bob decides to resort to forging her signature, only to find that Reverend Buchanan arrives just as he has done the deed. While the two chat, there are cross wires and Jim Bob decides that Reverend Buchanan knew what he had done and was there to stop him. The Rev. has no idea what Jim Bob is talking about, but goes along with it anyway. The Rev. gives Jim Bob a job himself...copying sermons...much to the delight of his mother.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast

  • Louise Latham as Aunt Kate
  • Peter Fox as Rev. Buchanan


  • Aunt Kate is Olivia's mother's younger sister.

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