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Boone Walton comes back into the lives of the Walton family when he is found guilty of selling bootleg whisky but Jason offers to pay his fine and accept responsibility for the elderly man. Jason mentions how difficult it has been since the government moved him off his mountain home, when the mountains were the only way of life he had ever known and felt comfortable with. The judge agrees to suspend the sentence. Boone works at the mill, but Grandma and Olivia are very unhappy about having him around their family. Jason gives Boone a sip of the recipe, which Grandpa had kept hidden, and after a taste, declares that he would like to meet these special people.

The Baldwin ladies are in quite a dither though...they have a crisis on their hands. They have lost The Recipe recipe! Boone is able to help them out though, for which they are most indebted.

Boone is overstaying his welcome at the Walton home though. Jason finds him building a still in the mountains so that he can pass on his secrets to the younger Walton generation, and John is unimpressed when both Boone and Jason arrive home drunk one night. Finally Boone arrives one night, repays the fine Jason paid for him, and asks for his freedom.

Finally Daisy Garner and her daughter Melissa, return to the Walton home to return John Boy's engagement ring. Corabeth discovers that Melissa is the child of an unwed mother and is most indignant and will not let Aimee play with her, calling her a "love child". When Elizabeth innocently asks what a "love child" is, Olivia rallies to defend Daisy, and approaches Corabeth telling her that Melissa should not be punished for the sins of her mother. After all, Corabeth and Ike were focussed on Aimee when they adopted her, not her parents.

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