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Mary Ellen and Erin arrive at their home with a letter from John Boy, and just in time to see Ben and Ike rehearsing an act which they plan to audition for the USO. The letter from John Boy, who is based in London and is now writing for the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper. John Boy mentions that he is concerned about his old college friend, Mike Paxton, who has been injured during the war, but has not written back to him. As Mike has been transferred to a hospital near Richmond, Mary Ellen decides to find out what she can about Mike's condition. She discovers him in a wheel chair, and his doctor tells her that Mike is ready to leave hospital but is very concerned about other people's reactions to him. Mary Ellen suggests that he come to stay at Waltons Mountain with her family.

He arrives at the Walton home to find a family who are happy to help build his confidence in himself and who tell him a few home truths about feeling sorry for himself. Both John and Olivia have several jobs which they wish Mike to help with, and being useful brings back some of his confidence. His new found confidence takes a bit of a beating though, when he approaches J.D. Pickett for a job. Pickett says that until he can drive himself there, and walk up to the office, he will not give him a job. Naturally the Walton family band together to help Mike comply with these conditions and he is finally able to manage to do what Pickett asks of him. J.D. reluctantly gives him a job. In the meantime Ike and Ben continue with their rehearsals and after some very nervous moments, they audition their act with great success.

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