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John Boy becomes very frustrated with all the noise at home and his brothers and sisters all making different demands on him. He is not being able to find a quiet place to write so he heads up to the mountain to spend the night at an old, isolated cabin. On his way up the mountain, he stops to help an old woman, Granny Ketchum, whose mule is in her vegetable patch. She invites him in to chat for a little. When he finally gets to the cabin, he discovers his old school friend, Sarah Jane Simmons, who wanted to marry John Boy in The Townie. Sarah Jane tells John Boy that she has since married and become pregnant but is ill. As her fever develops and gets worse, John Boy goes to the old woman's home for help, hoping that she will be able to give him some herbal medecines to help bring Sarah's fever down. John Boy wants her to come back with him, but instead she just gives him a potion which helps to break Sarah's fever, and the mule, Blue, to ride back more quickly. John Boy promises to return Blue the next day. Although Sarah is improving by the next morning, she goes into labour and John Boy has no choice, other than to deliver her baby. The two of them head down the mountain again, to the Waltons home, stopping off to see Granny Ketchum on the way. They discover that she has died during the night and that Granny wishes John Boy to keep Blue. When they arrive home they find Sarah's mother there, wondering what she should do as she had been informed that Sarah had run away from the place that she was staying.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • This episode marked the second appearance of Sissy Spacek, who played the part of Sarah, as she did in The Townie.


Esther 'Grandma' Walton (holding a long, thick broom stick): You better hush now boys, before I take this to the seat of your britches!

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