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Jim Bob and Ben are told to fasten a pile of logs which Grandpa and John have been working with, but they race off instead of doing what they are told. When Elizabeth and Aimee find a baby bird has fallen onto the top of the pile, Elizabeth climbs up to put it back into it's nest, and while she's climbing down, the pile starts to give way and Elizabeth becomes pinned under them. Elizabeth is taken to hospital where Mary Ellen informs the family that she has fractures in her legs and that a specialist will be operating on her. Mary Ellen, not mincing her words, tells Jim Bob and Ben that the accident was their fault as they were the ones responsible for securing the logs. Grandpa tells them though that he realises that they didn't mean to do it and that they just made a mistake.

Following the surgery, the doctor tells John and Olivia that Elizabeth has nerve damage and may not walk again. Jim Bob is devestated and wants to run away, but Jason convinces him that it's better to stay. Elizabeth is hurt when Jim Bob won't go to visit her in the hospital. The Baldwin sisters decide that they would like to get Elizabeth a pony, as a get well present, and Aimee decides that she should seek alternative medecine and turns to Ada Corley, a woman who seems to know about herbal remedies. And all Ben wants to do is shower Elizabeth with gifts. He gets a job at the Dew Drop Inn so that he can earn some extra money to finance these gifts.

Elizabeth is finally taken out of traction but there is concern that she will not walk again. Finally Jim Bob tells his family of his thoughts and undertakes to go and visit Elizabeth but after apologising to her races out of the room. Elizabeth gets the casts off her legs and goes home in braces. The nerves still haven't healed, but the fractures have. Jim Bob still can't face Elizabeth and Ben continues to buy her things, but can't spend time with her because he feels so guilty.

The Baldwins arrive with the pony, and Elizabeth seems disappointed that she can't ride it, especially since Aimee is having fun with it. Ben remembers the pony cart that he made so long ago though, and hitches the pony and the cart together, allowing Elizabeth to ride in the back.

Eventually Elizabeth inadvertantly takes a step at school, then later Jim Bob encourages her to get off the swing and walk to him. She does and she is well on the way to recovery.

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