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Ben arrives home around 3 o'clock one Saturday morning, loudly blowing the car horn. After carrying a young lady, who nobody in the family have met before, over the threshold of the Walton home, he happily announces to the family that he and Cindy, were married in Maryland, where they didn't need to wait for a license. Cindy tells his family that she loves Ben and is looking forward to having brothers, sisters and a grandmother, and with that Cindy throws her bouquet, quickly picked up off the floor by Elizabeth, and the young couple head out to the shed, leaving a very dazed family watching them leave.

At breakfast the next morning, John's main concern is what he should tell Olivia, and he insists that Ben ring her immediately, before she hears it from someone else. John also explains to Ben that the family is disappointed that they were left out of the wedding. Ben rings Olivia, tells her, then sets about making breakfast for his new wife, and assures both John and Olivia that they married because they loved each other, not because Cindy was pregnant. The family decide to prepare a special celebratory dinner and give the young couple several gifts to start their new life together with.

Problems quickly arise for the newly weds though, when Ben begins to tell Cindy what to do all the time. He dislikes that she used her own money to buy a record player, and insists that she will only use his money to live. Cindy is from a wealthy family though, and says that her father sends her an allowance each month and she should be able to use it. After several more "teething problems" Ben announces that Cindy will be leaving, but Grandma marches him out to the shed and helps the pair see that while they do love each other, they also need to respect each other, as she and Zeb did all those years ago. They need to learn to give and take. Cindy says that she's alright for Ben to give his opinion, but he needs to allow her to fix up their home in a way that they both agree on.

Meanwhile, Corabeth has received a letter from a relation telling her that a fountain from an old estate that she used to remember during her childhood at Doe Hill is now for sale. She wants Ike to buy the fountain for her, but when Ike comes home with the fountain, which he has bought for just $15, Corabeth says that it is not the same one she remembers and to get rid of it. Ike doesn't listen to her though and goes ahead restoring the fountain and setting it up properly. He takes Corabeth out for a night stroll, shows her the fountain, and she is taken back to her childhood memories once more.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


NOTE: Lesley Winston joined the regular cast of The Waltons in this episode. She would continue to appear until the end of the series, and also appeared in each of the movie specials. Ben and Cindy were married in 1942.

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