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Ben has taken up photography as a hobby and to finish a roll of film, he takes a snap of Erin, dressed in very short shorts, and lounging on the piano stool. When they are developed, Ike has seen them and suggests that Ben send them into the local newspaper, which he does, completely forgetting that the snap of Erin is in there too. It is the photo of Erin that is published, and on the front page too, no less, and with the title of "Jefferson County Cutie"! Needless to say, John and Olivia, who has also seen the picture, are very upset with both Ben and Erin for allowing this to happen. Erin, however, begins to receive many letters from lonely soldiers at Camp Lee. John, on the other hand, is dismayed when he arrives down at the camp on business, to find that Erin's photo is in just about every soldier's locker.

Mary Ellen is having her own problems following her return to work. She feels that she should not work in case something happens to him. She regards John Curtis as being her link to her husband, Curt, who has recently died. Following the accidental death of another young child at the hospital where she is working, she heads home and is distraught that nobody seems to know where John Curtis is. Corabeth returns him and Mary Ellen leaves her job to once again become a full time mother. John tells her that she can not, and should not, make John Curtis her whole life. David Spencer also visits her, to try to get Mary Ellen to return to the hospital. They both accuse Mary Ellen of being over protective.

Back at Camp Lee, Lieutenant Oler asks John if Erin would be able to visit the Camp to attend a dance, but John will not agree until Mary Ellen points out that he is being overprotective. The Lieutenant finally arrives on the doorstep, hoping to change John's mind and finally he does relent, after being reassured that nothing at all will happen to Erin. The whole camp looks on her as being the beautiful girl next door. After Erin leaves, Mary Ellen discovers John Curtis missing, and they finally locate him on the bridge at Drucilla's Pond.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: Carol Jones will return to Waltons Mountain in the season 9 episode "The Victims" where she plays Laurie Ellis.
  • NOTE 2: Kip Niven would also return to the Mountain, in "The Beginning" (Season 9) playing the new preacher Tom Marshall.

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