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Martha Corinne Walton, John Walton's ninety year old aunt comes to visit the family and upsets everyone by insisting that they do everything her way. Martha Corinne was married to Zeb's brother, Henry. When Olivia finds that her family is being upset by Martha Corinne, she gives her a gently prod to encourage her to go home. John Boy begins to drive her home but on the way she decides that she would like to call in at her old homestead site to see the view once more, and to visit the old graves of her family members. Whilst there, she has a minor heart attack, so when she recovers, John Boy insists upon taking her to his home once more, where she can be cared for by her relatives until she dies. She makes John Boy promise that he will see that she is buried next to her Henry on the mountain, and that he will not tell anyone of her condition. While she is at the Waltons, she becomes very interested in the pony cart which Ben is building, which she calls a shay, the word she says was used when she was young. When Ben says he is going to paint it gray, she offers to paint it as it would have been done during her youth. The result is a lovely, bright pony cart with flowers and birds painted on the side, which Ben is delighted with and which he keeps to remember her by once she has died.

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