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Erin is feeling somewhat restless about her life when she meets a very handsome stranger, a painter, Derek Pembroke, who has come back from Paris after being in the war. Pembroke is quite a puzzling man. He is obviously disturbed about something. When Erin finds him painting in the woods he is drawn to her and asks for permission to paint her. It seems though, that she may remind him of someone in his past. He finally persuades her to come to his house and begin the painting. What she finds when she get there is a mural painted depicting war scenes. he wishes to paint Erin's face there as well. When he kisses her though, he calls her Gabrielle. She is so confused by his actions and words that she runs back home.

Corabeth has taken some of Pembroke's paintings as collateral for credit and she asks Olivia and Mary Ellen to have a look at them. Olivia believes that the painter is talented, but they both feel that the paintings are rather ominous and depressing. Mary Ellen discovers more about Pembroke when she notices a painting at the psychiatric ward of the hospital. She is told that the artist who painted the picture is considered dangerous and is refusing treatment. Mary Ellen arrives home to discover Erin missing. Her father looking for her and finds her with the disturbed young man. He finally breaks down and relates the horrors he has lived through in Paris, including having his love, Gabrielle, die in his arms.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jim Bob are trying to capture a wild bird to give Grandma as a pet. They end up buying her a canary though, but they cannot get it to sing. Finally it does sing when Jason and Grandma begin singing a song.

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