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When Mr Jarvis closes the car lot where Ben has been working, Ben decides that he will look for work in Norfolk, and subsequently heads off. Jason, on the other hand, meets a woman recluse, Fern Lockwood, when he delivers a package to her from Ike. Jason learns that Fern has a fair knowledge of the Walton children since she has been overhearing the other children talking as they walk past her place. She knows Jason to be the musical one.

As Jason gets to know her more, he discovers that she shares his love of music. She shares with Jason, the story that led to her self imposed seclusion. Her fiance was killed on his way to the marriage ceremony, leaving her waiting at the church. She has since devoted her life to his memory. Jason finally shares his story about Seth dying of leukaemia (The Gift) with her and how he learned to live again without him, but still keeping his memory alive, and he tells Fern that this is what she must do and she finally takes the first step, with Jason by her side, to rejoin the Waltons Mountain community once more.

Meanwhile, down in Norfolk, Ben has found himself a position and is enjoying the city life. John is finding things tough going at the Walton mill though, with a new contract having been taken and not enough good help to fill the order. Eventually Grandpa heads down to Norfolk to ask Ben to come back home with him, which he does.

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  • NOTE: We learn that Ben has just graduated from high school.


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