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John Boy is trying to earn some money to buy a second hand washing machine for his mother. When the Baldwin sisters offer him a job helping them around their home, he feels that he can't say no, yet he also knows that if and when his mother finds out, she would definitely not approve. The Baldwin ladies are well known for their "recipe", of which both Olivia and Esther disapprove.

Their cousin Homer Lee has come to visit them, and he encourages them to plan a Baldwin family reunion, and naturally, they need to make extra stocks of the recipe for all the expected guests. Homer has a police record though, unbeknownst to the ladies, and is planning to steal their stocks of the recipe and sell it. The Sheriff hears that he is in town and asks John Boy to keep an eye on things, including letting him know if anything happens.

On the day of the big reunion we find that Homer Lee has taken off in the Walton truck with all of the recipe. The Baldwin ladies are further disappointed when nobody arrives for their reunion. John Boy races home to collect the rest of his family, and after pleading with his mother, she finally consents to allow the whole family to go and visit the Baldwin sisters.

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