The Revel is the 22nd episode of Season 9 and the final episode of The Waltons.

Opening Journal Quote

On Waltons Mountain we marked time by the passage of the seasons. In autumn we'd build fires in bee trees to gather honey. Our lives ebbed during the winter while the earth slept. Spring crocus brought the first blossoms foreshadowing the abundance of summer with its sweet corn and lightning bugs. Generations of living on the mountain yoked us to the rhythm of the land, a touchstone to the strength each of us carries within ourselves. I was to discover this when I left my home full of expectations, only to find that my destiny was not where I thought it would be.

Plot Summary

John-Boy returns to New York City, with a book that does not meet previous standards, so he decides to travel back to the place where he got his best inspiration: his home on Walton's Mountain. Meanwhile, the Baldwins plan a class reunion, but no one is able to make it. Fellow Walton's Mountain denizens then act as their guests.

Ending Journal Quote

I had returned to the mountain once again to find the inspiration I needed to write. Soon I was back in New York City laboring over another book, and because of the renewed courage they brought me, I would never forget Miss Mamie and Miss Emily and their zest for life. I hope that you'll remember this house as I do. The mystical blue ridges that stretch beyond it into infinity; the sound of warm voices drifting out upon the night air; a family waiting, and a light in the window. Good night.

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