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When John Boy discovers that Olivia has a talent for painting, he encourages her to take a night school art class. As they are held in Charlottesville, John Boy teaches her to drive the car. When she begins her classes she really enjoys them, and is particularly excited when the class organises to visit an art gallery one day. However, she is also finding that she is her instructor is not just interested in her art. He has in fact, fallen in love with her. When she realises this she stops going to the classes. He comes to visit her on Waltons Mountain and she tells him that her life is there, on Waltons Mountain with John and their children…that is where she belongs and where she wants to be.

Meanwhile Mary Ellen is seeing a boyfriend who has aspirations of becoming a doctor. When Mary Ellen tells him that she too would like to study medicine, she finds that, not only does he disapprove, but Grandma is also vehemently against the idea.

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