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Itinerant farm labourer Harley Foster and his small son Jodie meet the Walton children when they are all picking peaches at the same orchard. The two are invited to stay a few days with the Waltons, which gives Jody a small taste of stable family life which he really enjoys and he finds it hard to accept that he will soon have to leave with his father, for life on the roads again. Although it seems that he has visited many places that the Walton children have not visited, he has missed out on schooling and having friends and family around him. The Waltons neighbour widow Verdie Grant takes a liking to Harley, and especially Jodie and sets out to win the love of them both. As she tells Olivia, she can't have one without the other. Harley does not want to settle down though, and seems intent on moving on, but young Jodie has enjoyed his taste of staying in one place and making friends and doesn't want to. He tries to stop his father from leaving by stealing some money and hiding it in his father's pocket.

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