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Just as Germany invades Norway and Denmark during World War 2, a German speaking family, Flossie Brimmer's brother in law and his family, arrive at Waltons Mountain. Elizabeth at this time, is keeping a journal as John Boy did, and her imagination goes wild when she hears about the German invasion and meets the Brimmer family.

Willie Brimmer goes searching for work at the Walton mill, telling John that he is an experienced carpenter. Elizabeth watches him help Jim Bob to set up and tune in his radio properly, hears a German voice on the radio, then promptly tells Vernon that Willie was listening to someone speaking in German. Willie is also watched when he goes to Ike's to pick up a "suspicious looking" parcel written in German, containing his medecine, and when he speaks to a person on the phone, in German. Vernon tells the Sheriff of his suspicions that Willie is a spy, but when Ep won't act on these suspicions, he gets a group of men together, and they all go to John Waltons house to find Willie and tell John that he is harbouring a spy. Willie explains everything and John tells the group just how foolish they have been to believe some suggestions that a young child (Elizabeth) has spread, without getting any further, real proof.

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