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Olivia is preparing to visit a friend and takes Elizabeth and a very reluctant Jim-Bob with her. Ben and Jason are asked to change one of the tyres on the truck before they leave and each leaves it to the other so that it is not done. The jack is also left at home and, needless to say, the tyre blows out and the car runs off the road and into some bushes. Problems further arise when the hen they were taking to Olivia's friend escapes and Elizabeth follows it into the woods trying to catch it. Olivia and Jim-Bob follow her to stop her from becoming lost and all three end up not being able to find their way back to the road. They finally see smoke coming from a house, only to find that it is a bootleggers camp and they are making illegal moonshine. These people bundle the three onto the back of their truck and take them further into the woods before letting them off, leaving them hopelessly lost, with a storm brewing.

At the Walton home, John is alerted that the three are missing and a search party is formed to try to find them before the storm hits. The three on the mountain set up markers and survive because of the things Jim-Bob has heard from both his father and his grandfather. They are finally located and taken back home. Pity poor Erin and Mary Ellen though...they had to wait around the house doing chores for Grandma all day because she says that it is better for them to keep busy!

Recurring Role

Guest Cast

  • Helen Craig as Mountain Woman
  • Robert Sorrels as Older Son
  • Red Currie as Younger Son
  • Bill Smillie as First Flagman
  • Edmund E. Villa as Second Flagman



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