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The Baldwin ladies decide that they need to contribute to the war effort, and so decide to make their seaside cottage available for the military to use. They approach John about making the repairs and so the whole family of Waltons heads off to the sea while John does the maintenance needed. The whole family, with the exception of Ben, who claims that someone has to hold the fort. Grandpa thinks he has ulterior motives though!

When the family reaches the cottage they realise that someone has already been using the cottage. Lisa Cooper tells them that she is a college student, but will leave immediately, however Olivia extends an invitation for her to stay with them a little longer. It seems though, that Lisa is not telling them the full story about herself, however she does tell Jason that she is studying music. Lisa also tells Elizabeth to treasure her father whilst he is here. Lisa finally admits that her father was killed in the Battle of Dunkirk and she ran away from College to try to escape any memory of her father.

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