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When Erin and Ben begin to tease Jim Bob about the fact that he may not be a Walton because he doesn't look like any of the others, Elizabeth pursues the idea until Jim Bob himself doubts that he is really a Walton, instead thinking that perhaps he was a foundling. He begins asking questions and discovers that a lot of people seem to remember the time when he was born, mainly because of the difficulties his mother experienced during his birth, however these difficulties had never been talked about and so appeared to be quite mysterious. The mystery and secret which have been kept since that time, however, are finally uncovered when John Boy takes Jim Bob to see his birth record at the county records office.Jim-bob finds out he had a twin brother Joseph Walton

Recurring Role

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  • NOTE: Most Walton fans would remember this episode which reveals that Jim Bob had a twin brother who died at birth. His name was Joseph Zebulon. The date given here is different from another date given for Jim Bob's birthday. This one in the register is January 13th, 1923.
  • Jim-Bob names one of his sons after his twin brother


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