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Everyone in the Walton family are very excited about the upcoming barn dance, but their excitement turns sour when they get a visit from a man from the electric company, who has turned up to either collect their overdue payment, or else turn off the electricity. Since they can't pay their debt, the power is turned off. Grandpa is sent off to the mercantile with their last 22 cents to buy some candles, while John goes out to try to collect some outstanding debts of his own to raise the money for the power bill.

Instead of going and getting the candles though, Grandpa goes to fix some pipes at the Baldwin's house, and they pay him enough to meet the Waltons electricity debt. He heads off to Charlottesville to pay the bill, and takes the sisters along for the ride. Whilst in town, Grandpa buys some perfume for Grandma with some of the extra money, but they are much longer than they expected to be. The Walton's left at home begin to worry when they notice that Grandpa has been gone for some time, and become even more worried when Ike says that Zeb hasn't been in at all. John and Grandma drive around looking for him, only to see him returning to the Baldwin home, and seeming very happy with himself. Grandma assumes the worst and Grandpa feels angry at her lack of trust in him, so he doesn't explain anything. She throws him out and he ends up sleeping on Ike Godsey's pool table.

The pair stubbornly refuse to talk to each other, even after John reveals the truth and Esther is given the perfume, something personal that she hasn't received in a very long time. Olivia decides that it would be a good idea to make Grandpa jealous, especially after she finds out that Grandma's old beau will be at the barn dance. Both Grandma and Grandpa are persuaded to go to the dance, but when Zeb sees Esther dancing with her old beau, he immediately asks Miss Emily to dance. Finally the band plays My Wild Irish Rose, their favourite dance tune, and Grandpa finally asks Grandma to dance.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • This episode marked the second appearance of Sissy Spacek, who played the part of Sarah, as she did in The Townie.


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